The Other Side of Money

Photo of The Other Side of Money bookThe Personal Side of Personal Finance

So much of our lives is focused on, or affected by, dollars. But too much attention to money can actually interfere with our wish to live a happy, fulfilling life. That’s why personal finance is more personal than finance.

The Other Side of Money helps us reflect on how we are living our lives and suggests how we can see people and the world around us in a positive, loving way. From life’s simple issues to our bigger questions, The Other Side of Money helps us find quiet and balance by turning inward so we can be in the moment. By looking at how we live our lives, we discover the lessons that let us become better people.

Each of the book’s 52 chapters offers insights about our lives and fills us with possibilities we might not have recognized. Read just one chapter of The Other Side of Money each week and you’ll find yourself continually enlightened and uplifted.

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